The difference between environment situational awareness and security management situational awareness

Environmental Situational Awareness. The term situational awareness was born from the military sector whereas operatives would sent out a recce to gather information before sending in the troops. Close protection consider this term as being fully alert of the surroundings to protect the principal from an attack. Most importantly, today’s issues in this volatile world,  environmental situational awareness must be considered for urban crime and terror and the education is more flavoured as security awareness in-line with active crime, terror or volatile issues of concern in the region of interest.  

Security Management Awareness is focused on the security situation pertaining to current challenges not only globally but focusing in particular on a region  of interest. SA in this instance is focused on the region of interest and the person. Security personnel evaluate, interview and use investigative interviewing methods to comprehend the nature of the crime, determine the intentions of people and most importantly to discover the X Factor (what is happening on the ground that they are unaware of) 

Security Professionals and experts know quite well that any plan, decision or action taken based on unreliable and insufficient information will create collateral damage and therefore the crucial skill-sets of environmental and security management situational awareness are listed as primary and priority skills. 

‘’Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers on the ground and reaction speed’’ quoted by J Kirsten. 

For Environmental Situational Awareness – view Dr Gavriel Schneider’s on-line self-tuition and publication on Amazon ‘’ Show me your Hands’’

For Security Management Situational Awareness: The HIM – Human Investigation Management self-tuition training tool or workshops in person (MIM Flavoured for Criminology and Security) on