Covid-19 Mental Health Bundle

Includes 2 x online courses discounted by 90%

  • While Covid-19 dominates our news feeds and the world as we know it, changes on a daily basis, this shakes our foundations, challenges every aspect of our lives (social, work and home) and causes widespread fear, anxiety, panic and stress.

  • This bundle includes 2 of our powerful online courses: Stressful Situation Response and Stress Management & Resilience Building.

  • These courses are expertly delivered by renowned subject matter expert and Risk Consultant of the Year (RMIA 2019), Dr Gav Schneider and can assist you regarding your mental health during this challenging time.

Why Us?

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R2S Academy has been created to give our clients the convenience of a self-paced, online training platform that includes elements of the expert content we deliver via our face to face training, webinars, workshops, masterclasses and board briefings. Our online courses are built to provide participants with an easy, convenient, fast and in depth way of learning about personal risk management, safety, security, emergency response, medical and much more. Our company mantra is Protecting What Counts, R2S Academy's learning content and courses are centred around this to provide participants with a practical way to stay safe and secure.

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