What We Provide

  • Customisable Content

    R2S Academy offers course customisation opportunities for clients. We are able to build courses according to client's requirements or customise existing courses to meet client's requirements. For customisation enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Targeted Training

    Our unique, intensive and informative courses are targeted at Protecting What Counts. Our courses are designed to create and enhance a mindset of proactive and realistic personal risk management, safety and security

  • Course Content

    Our courses include Personal Safety and Security Awareness Training, BOSAR, Stress Management & Resilience Training, Fire Safety, Emergency Management, Armed Robbery Management, Active Armed Offender Training, Mental Health First Aid and more

Price Schedule

Course Type and Name
$69.95 per course inc GST
General Safety and Security Awareness Training ("Switch-on" GSSAT Online) Emergency Management for Organisations and Responsible Persons
$69.95 per course inc GST 
Stress Management & Resilience Building

$49.95 per course inc GST 
GSSAT Express
Behavioural Obversation and Suspicious Activity Recognition
Armed Robbery Management Training Active Armed Offender Management Training
Stressful Situation Response Fire Safety and Evacuation
Aggressive Behaviour Management

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