Canada’s Terrorism threat level is “MEDIUM”, which has a meaning that a violent act of terrorism could occur. This is as defined and promulgated by our government through its federal ministry, Public Safety Canada (PSC). The need for a shift in security awareness has become an urgent requirement. This cannot be achieved without meeting the need to uplift individual behaviour to a more innovative, holistic, inclusive and proactive level of security and safety awareness so that this becomes a cultural norm.

Our NCSP GSSAT Express program is an intensive, condensed version of our full 'Switch-On' GSSAT Online program and has been designed based on years of research as a unique ‘switch on’ training program and offers a clear pathway to achieve fundamental safety and security awareness. This is achieved by offering a proven hands-on approach, underpinned by industry expert experience and leading academic research.


The primary goal is to provide the fundamental knowledge needed to assist in identifying potential threats and risks and to enhance the safety and security by creating a mindset of realistic and proactive security awareness.

Whilst our express online version is no substitute for face to face training or our intensive, online version, it is designed to deliver a comprehensive training approach which will equip participants with the skills, training and tools required to identify, predict and ideally prevent the safety and security risks and threats that they may be exposed too.


  • Awareness and Intuition
  • Observation
  • Adrenal response management
  • Threat overviews
  • Emerging trends
  • Understanding Criminal and Terrorist MOs
  • Attacker ritual and target hardening
  • Introduction to Scenario planning and response
  • Fundamentals of emergency and crisis response
  • Suspicious Items (Relevant to Basic Bomb and IED awareness)
  • WHS compliance considerations
  • Active Physical Threat (Run, Hide, Fight modelling)
  • Introduction to Personal safety fundamentals
  • Communication considerations
  • Introduction to working with authorities and after incident management and recovery

Please note that this program is only for use by The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and should not be used by anyone who is not a part of the CIJA. This program is not for public distribution and enrolments will be monitored closely.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to GSSAT Express

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    • Chapter Overview

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to GSSAT

    • Chapter 1 Print Out

    • Chapter 1 Knowledge Test

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Awareness

    • Chapter Overview

    • Lesson 1: Awareness

    • Lesson 2: Suspicious Objects and Items

    • Awareness Print Out

    • Chapter 2 Knowledge Test

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Assessment

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Assessment

    • Assessment Print Out

    • Chapter 3 Knowledge Test

  • 5

    Chapter 4: Action

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Action Part 1

    • Action Print Out

    • Lesson 2: Action Part 2

    • Introduction to Run, Hide, Fight

    • Lesson 3: Escape Hide Tell

    • Chapter 4 Knowledge Test

  • 6

    Chapter 5: Conclusion

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Conclusion

    • Lesson 2: GSSAT General Overview Cartoon Video

  • 7

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...


Group CEO, Risk 2 Solution

Dr Gav Schneider

Acknowledged Risk Leader 

Dr Gav is the Group CEO of Risk 2 Solution and is an acknowledged subject matter expert on human centric and integrated risk management. He has a broad background in safety and security, emergency management and incident response, with extensive senior level management and leadership experience. 

He has led numerous, high-level consulting and advisory projects and has two decades of Operational Specialised Risk Management, Cultural Change, Security and Safety experience in over 16 countries. Dr Gav has a National Security Clearance NV1 and is a fellow of ARPI, ISRM, GIA, IML as well as a RSecP and CPP. He is considered Australia’s leader in the field of Psychology of Risk. 

Education and Training

  • Doctor of Criminology
  • Certificate in Disruptive Strategy (Harvard Business School) 
  • Master of Technology in Security and Risk Management 
  • Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning) & Strategic Leadership 
  • Advanced Diploma in Integrated Risk

Recent Projects

  • 2019 - Department of Defence – Risk Appetite, Tolerance and Risk Intelligence project
  • 2019 – QLD Police Counter-Terrorism Command – Capability development
  • 2018/19 - QLD Department of State Development’s Special Projects Unit – Risk Expert
  • 2018 – Federal Dept. of Home Affairs – Risk and situational awareness project consultancy


Switch on and create a mindset of realistic and proactive, personal safety and security awareness with this intensive, short course.